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Welcome to Milwaukee Police Association

What is the MPA ?

The Milwaukee Police Association is the force… behind the force; forever endeavoring to care for the professional Police Officers, Forensic Investigators, and Detectives of the City of Milwaukee. It is our mission to ensure our membership is best positioned so as they may provide the highest degree of uninterrupted public safety service to the community.











Getting away with murder…

Milwaukee’s homicide detectives used to solve 93% of their cases.  Now 4 in 10 killers remain on the streets.    

Read the article: http://www.wpri.org/WIInterest/Spring2016/wispring2016daley.pdf

By Dave Dailey 

Dave Daley has been a reporter for over 30 years at newspapers in Rockford, Ill., Dayton, Ohio, and Minneapolis, and he covered the state Capitol in Madison for The Milwaukee Journal and legal affairs in Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Daley, who served as a combat infantryman in Vietnam, lives on a small farm outside Waterford with his wife and their teenage son.





Dave Dailey/             The Wisconsin Policy Research Institute Inc.

 Donation made on behalf of MPA members!

Thank you MILWAUKEE POLICE ASSOCIATION membership… it is an absolute honor to serve the PROFESSIONAL POLICE OFFICERS, FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS, and DETECTIVES of the Milwaukee Police Department.  Chris Morgan and his team “Run & Gun Elite” were extremely grateful; a great group of young men and wonderful representatives of Milwaukee!  …looking forward to attending a game


Quentin Tarantino “Fact –or- Fiction”

…statement(s) reprehensible, disgusting and misguided

Mr. Tarantino has proven himself to be a brilliant film maker who sadly now struggles with reality.  His films glorify violence, corruption, mayhem and… no doubt I could continue, but certainly obvious to the vast majority, his movies represent artistic interpretation; rather than reality.  Somehow he has become confused by his own craft.

For Mr. Quentin Tarantino to refer to police officers as murderers is simply reprehensible, disgusting and misguided.  He is a prominent figure recognizable by the vast majority of the public; with that being said he needs to recognize the associated responsibility.  For him to incite, mislead and further confuse a volatile situation is irresponsible.  Use of Force is inherent in policing – it is, unfortunately, absolutely necessary; however 99.9% of the occasions it is administered, it is done so within training standards while in accordance with law.  Fortunately the majority of arrests are conducted with no force always the decision of the person being taken into custody.

Mr. Tarantino has a 1st Amendment Right to say what he will, Law Enforcement ensures (protects) as much; however when his speech is riotous in nature or designed to provoke hostile action – further examination may be in order.  By no means do I suggest a silencing, but I will clearly state: each of us [you] have the power to send an appropriate message …simply do not attend or purchase his movies.

Call for Boycott of Tarantino Movies

He [Tarantino] owes all Law Enforcement, all of society an apology accompanied with a retraction.

This message should not solely be delivered by a police association, rather a community – specifically our leaders; therefore once again I make plea to our civic leaders, condemn the actions of those that pursue community divisiveness – condemn community activists that would choose to move our community backwards – condemn those that spew the untruth and mislead!  Mr. Tarantino’s statement(s) serve no good.

Officers are the furthest from murderers.  In-Fact they are protectors, caretakers of society and caregivers for those in need; they are fathers and mothers, they are part of your neighborhood and most likely sitting at your side in church.  Officers ask for little more than respect – I assure you, of themselves they demand excellence in the service they offer the community to be delivered in the highest degree of respect to those they serve.  I am proud of the Law Enforcement of this City… not a murderer amongst them!

Mike Crivello, President MPA

2016 City Budget:

Alderman (President) Murphy, Alderman Donovan, Zielinski, and Borkowski authored amendments to increase the safety of our officers and community… unfortunately the importance and worth of the endeavor was not fully realized.  Amendment after amendment to increase the hiring of officers was voted down.  We are thankful for the new officers the community will receive; however, all should understand that NEW does not equate to ADDITIONAL.  The 2016 budget supported officer hiring to enter the academy means the community will actually see 42 rookie officers on the street in 2016 – we remain hundreds short with the likelihood of facing 50-100 retirements in 2016.

Additional: Alderman Davis clearly addressed that our hardworking officers have been working without a current contract for nearly three years; while appreciated and certainly a message that needed to be heard, it was very unfortunate that the message was not echoed and remains unresolved.  Thank you for caring Alderman Davis!

 Officer In Need

All too often our Police Officers are injured in the line of duty… we understand the risk associated to the job; however, we also expect fair consideration and care post-injury for duty related injuries.  Unfortunately care after injury is minimal and sometimes omitted completely.  Our Police Officers routinely are treated as a disposable commodity… how truly sad.  Please take a few minutes to look at one of those examples.  http://e.gofund.me/v58qbw



Milwaukee Police Association Coin

Challenge coins for both police officer and detective are available for purchase at the union office.

These coins represent the Pride, Honor & Courage of each MPA member.

Each coin is encased in a hard plastic case.

Coins can be purchased at the Union Office or from any Union Trustees for $10.00

 Any questions please contact Union Trustee Sarah Polka



In response:  Journal Sentinel Feb. 3, 2015/ Milwaukee’s flawed duty disability system may be impossible to fix…                  http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/watchdogreports/milwaukees-flawed-duty-disability-system-may-be-impossible-to-fix-b99438108z1-290668441.html

If the Milwaukee duty disability system is flawed in any way – it is not due to the Milwaukee Police Association.  To be clear, there certainly are former officers receiving a Duty Disability Retirement (DDR); however, each case is adjudicated on the individual merits and ultimately thoroughly scrutinized by accredited doctors.

The City has officers on DDR for a vast array of issues.  Our officers routinely are exposed to the worst of the worst: direct encounter – scenes that would rival the goriest horror movies ever produced; while dealing with psychotic wanton killers all too often.  We are all fortunate that we don’t lose more officers to early retirement, or worse – suicide.


While the program may require study and review it [DDR] remains an absolute necessity to protect our besieged officers.  Our officers are overwhelmed with endangerment, forever (daily) exposed to the harsh reality of the unknown.  Currently we have officers on DDR that were shot in the face, suffered multiple gunshots, broken limbs, blinded, and/or severely injured in the performance of public safety; we also have officers who have stressed off the job – those that were exposed to one too many horrific encounters… there does come a breaking point to functionality.


The MPA has reached out to both the Department and the City.  I have personally pledged a willingness to collaborate in effort to assure the program is administered properly and to identify potential improvement opportunities; at the same time I’ve requested chaplain services be established – most assuredly properly addressing and caring for an employee in need would mitigate the need for DDR.


The MPA has never been an impediment to enhancement – we are forged in professionalism and are appalled by any fraudulent DDR allowed by the city program.  We are confident that the good citizens of which we are proud to protect and serve, would demand officers permanently injured in the line of duty must receive a Duty Disability Retirement.

Mike Crivello, President/ Milwaukee Police Association 





MPA Members and friends…


Does the mayor care more about the trolley than public safety; more about the trolley than police officers successfully completing their tour of duty?  …undefined legacy cost – equates to furloughs as a normal course of annual salary reductions and a continued decline in staffing levels!  …tell the mayor his unwillingness to support and appreciate the police is unacceptable!  His unwillingness to ensure our families, our communities are safe is absolutely intolerable.   Be heard… make a difference – get involved; help us – help you!

For more information click the links below:  





Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Chased by man with knife, officers show restraint due to ‘recent incidents’      

Article | Posted: December 04, 2014 By Jesse Garza


In response … “officers show restraint due to ‘recent incidents’” 

To be clear: preservation of life, providing safe and secure communities and simply caring for and making Milwaukee a better place for all of the citizens is paramount to thought of Milwaukee police officers.  Unfortunately situations and actions of subjects necessitate the use of deadly force.  We all wish this was never the case.

When officer(s) find themselves in situations which dictate they use deadly force the officer(s) must rely on their training and demonstrate decisive, accurate and reasonable actions – they absolutely must not cloud those assessments with concern of support from administration …the chief or mayor.  In-fact our officers need to know they are supported consistently relative to their professionalism.  If our officers begin to delay response due to political climate we will lose officers, and our communities will become dangerous lawless lairs of unforgiving criminals.

To any politician who believes otherwise, well I guess you’re entitled to your opinion; however, DO NOT feint gratitude and appreciation for our fallen officers at annual Law Enforcement Memorials and stay the hell away when we grieve graveside with the family of the fallen.  Without positive civic leadership …without support, a tragedy is just one ill-conceived restrained response away.

Mike Crivello, President, Milwaukee Police Association

Chief Ed Flynn terminates officer for conducting legal, lawful pat-down of subject

/MPA members overwhelmingly vote NO CONFIDENCE… 99.3%   

Facts In brief:

  • Officer summoned to a Milwaukee County Park to check on a subject… the call originated from a Starbucks Coffee Shop concern regarding business disruption
  • Officer arrived, assessed the situation and determined contact (Field Interview) was warranted – training/experience and totality of scenario indicated a pat-down was appropriate and necessary to ensure safety
  • Subject quickly became combative, disarmed the officer of his baton and began to beat him with it – ultimately the actions of the subject necessitated the use of deadly force – the officer was forced to discharge his service weapon numerous times to stop the action of the subject
  • While the Chief supported the use of deadly force, unprecedented he terminated the officer for disciplinary concerns: (1)pat-down(2)approach
  • The actions of/by the officer are certainly supported by United States Supreme Court … The Chief’s firing, unfounded, unprecedented and cowardice: appears to be political appeasement


  • The Milwaukee Police Association welcomes and appreciates the overwhelming support we have already received
  • Follow the story – support the officer; post your support to our Facebook page


President’s letter to the Mayor re. Kovak


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