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I.U.P.A. Research Department Publishes Survey About Residency Requirements for K9 Handlers

The I.U.P.A. Research Department published a survey for MPA about residency requirements for K9 Handlers. The survey covered 16 municipalities and focused on specific restrictions such as the region officers are permitted to live in, accommodations needed for K9s, equipment provided by the municipalities to officers for their K9s, and miscellaneous information of interest to our members. The I.U.P.A. completes surveys and reports that can be used to assist your local at the negotiation table or during preliminary budgetary meetings. The Research Department works with local presidents to design studies that meet the specific needs of their locals. Other recent research includes duty belts, fentanyl, and the ongoing study of mental and emotional support for first responders following critical incidents.

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I.U.P.A. Research Department Publishes Report About StarChase Effectiveness and Concerns

The I.U.P.A. Research Department published a report for MPA about StarChase to assist our locals and members in making choices about its use. StarChase is used for suspect vehicles that fail to pull over. It is a GPS tracking device that helps alleviate high speed chases that endanger the public. StarChase can be fired from the front bumper of police cruisers. The device has a sticky tip that adheres to the vehicle it is fired at and allows officers to track safely from a distance, reducing the number of injuries, deaths, and property damage. The report covered municipalities using StarChase, the success rate, and what concerns have been noted by departments and the public.

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