Final Local 21 MPA 2013-2017

F & P Votes in Favor of MPA 2010-2011-2012 Contract

Today the MPA attended the Finance & Personnel Committee meeting regarding the 2010-2012 contract.  The MPA urged the alderman to pass the contract AS RATIFIED (including all of the terms and conditions contained in the health Insurance Article).  After much discussion, the City labor Negotiator and the Employee Benefits administrator made it clear that the Administration had no intent to comply with the terms of the Health Insurance Article – regardless of the clear language contained therein regarding  deductibles co-pays etc.  The Committee then also made it crystal clear that, while it would recommend passage to the Common Council, it would do so knowing that the Administration was not going to adhere to the terms of the Agreement.  Given the callous disregard shown for the bargaining process – as well as the specific contractual language that was agreed to in terms of health Insurance – the MPA, at the earliest opportunity, will seek an injunction preventing the City from avoiding the language to which it agreed.   This way-forward is consistent with that which we discussed at each ratification session – the membership shall expect decisive action by the board.

2011.12.14 MPA President

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